Pramote Wanna (left) and Ken
Dobson exchanging Thai rings
Pramote (left)
and Ken get
strings of
blessing ready
Jack passing out the
Pat and Betsy offer a toast.  They've
been a couple for 57 years.  Dr. Lora
Friedrich (in black) coordinated this
marriage celebration.  Molly Bartusch
(in pink) drove in from Minneapolis.
Ken delivered an
illustrated presentation
to an audience of 60 at
Simpson College,
Indianola, Iowa
The topic of Ken and Pramote's program was
"The Many Shades of Gay"
Ken and Pramote tie a string around the
wrist of Rev. David Jones (right), Ken's
seminary buddy
Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa, Announcement:
Dobson speaks on gender ambiguity, Oct. 7, 2009

Reverend Kenneth Dobson, along with Pramote Wanna, will give a talk Oct. 7 at 7
p.m. in the Pioneer Room in McNeil Hall.

The pair will be speaking on, “Gender Ambiguity: Case Studies in Thailand.”
Dobson is counselor to the president of Payap University, a Christian University of
7,000 students in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

He has been in Thailand for 27 years and has served as senior pastor of two
Illinois churches. Dobson is also a retired missionary of the Presbyterian Church.

Dobson has worked with Lora Friedrich, assistant professor of sociology, and Jay
Wilkinson, international education coordinator, to help Simpson College establish
its semester-long study abroad program in Thailand.
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The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Dobson
"Here I am on the cusp of seventy
years of age . . . a Presbyterian
pastor and missionary" ministering to
fifty or sixty "queers and queens" in
"this northern Thai village context."   
mob. 08 1764 7656
international  66 8 1764 7656
Also . . . on this page -- Kenneth and Pramote speak at Simpson College, Iowa
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Dr. Lora
Pat and Betsy
Dr. Lora
Kenneth Dobson                  Pramote Wanna
Kenneth Dobson and Pramote Wanna speak at Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa
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