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Steve's Closeted Years
at Baptist Bible College
Clarks Summit, PA

October 8, 2005
Steve, with Jose,
Coming Out to Friends
at the BBC Residence
Hall Reunion
Library at Jackson Hall

Back Stage, Student Center
Steve at Ketchem
Dorm where he was
Assistant from
"Well, to tell you the truth, I'm gay and this is my partner, Jose.  We've been
together now eight years."


"GLBT stands for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenered.  Other
Sheep helps sexual minorities to reconcile their faith with their sexual


"Did you have any idea I was gay back then?"


"Not to worry.  I'm gay."


"Jeff Miner would be a good web site.  He graduated from Bob Jones
University with plans to go into the ministry.  Instead, because he knew he
was gay and had not reconciled his faith with his homosexual orientation,
he went to Harvard University and graduated with a law degree.  While
practicing law for several years, he studied the key passages of Scripture
that we traditionally use against homosexuals.  After careful study (like a
lawyer!), he concluded the Bible does not condemn homosexuals.  He now
pastors a church for gays in Indianapolis.  I've visited it.  About four
hundred attend.  You can listen to
his sermons from the internet.  He's also
written a book entitled
The Children Are Free.  I recommend it along with
Tom Hank's study on the book of Romans and homosexuality."
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Jose & Steve at the
BBC Student Center
before the start of the
1971-1975  BRE degree
1975-1976  ThB degree

The reply made when a fellow former RA pointed to
"GLBT" on Steve's business card and asked, "What does
GLBT stand for?
The reply given after Steve reconnected with a fellow cast member
from the 1974 campus production of "
Helen Keller" when she said,
"Steve Parelli!  I haven't seen you since all this time.  
What are you doing?"

To a female class mate who, with a look of surprise to see Steve,
enthusiastically and spontaneously hugged him.  Her reply to
Steve's question was "No, I didn't."

Steve's light-hearted comment to the on-looking husband of the
female alumnus who energetically hugged him

Steve's comments to a Baptist Bible College student residing in
Ketchem dorm who engaged Steve and Jose in a good ol'
dorm-time theological debate on same-sex marriages (exactly 30
years after Steve was RA in the same dorm).
What is Other Sheep

Other Sheep is Multicultural Ministries with Sexual Minorities,
working worldwide in an ever-expanding variety of languages,
cultures and GLBT concerns, to share the good news that God
loves all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons just as
they are and calls them into inclusive, gay-affirming, Christian

You can visit Other Sheep at www.othersheep.org

The play "Helen Keller" was performed
upon the old, small-area speaker's
platform of Jackson Hall.  Here, Steve
stands on the stage at the Student Center
that replaced Jackson Hall's small platform.
The Student Center was constructed while
Steve was still a student.  

this stage (above photo), Steve starred in
the play "
Our Town" as the "Stage
Manager" in the fall of 1975.   "Our Town,"
a three act play set in a small town in New
Hampshire, depicts the routine and
mundane  rituals of daily life.  The story
centers around George Gibbs and Emily
Webb, who grow up in the same town of
Grover's Corners, marry and then are
prematuraly separated by death when
Emily dies in child birth.  In the final act,
"Emily choses to relive her twelfth birthday,
but when she returns to earth,
discovers that people live their lives without
appreciating or sharing the moment of
"  (quote from CliffsNotes)

With tears in her eyes, Emily turns to the
"Stage Manager" and asks, "Do any
human beings ever realize life while they
live it? --every, every minute?"

The "Stage Manager," answers, "No," and
then after pausing adds,
"The saints and
poets, maybe -- they do some."  
Steve would add to "saints and poets"
another set of people who understand
living life's moments:  the Sexual
Minorieties who often risk the lost of family
and friend to live the gift of life as God
intended it for them.
The Inclusive Shepherd says:
I have other sheep that are not of this fold; I
must bring them also.  John 10:16
Now . . .

Above Photo:  Steve Parelli, right, a
1975 and 1976 grad of BBC, with his
spouse (married August 2008) Jose
Ortiz.  Together since 1997.
See comment at right on "Helen Keller"