Our 2009 Other Sheep Asia Trip
NEPAL:  One-on-one meetings with area
pastors; preparations for Other Sheep
June 30 - July 4, 2009.
We arrived in Kathmandu Sunday evening
(dark), June 28, 2009.
 We were met at the
airport by two individuals who were sent by
Shaun Kirven, a human rights worker with
Protection International, a network of human
right defenders.  Shaun, though out of the
country himself, and having met us only on
Facebook, hosted us in his Lalitpur
(Kathmandu suburb) home for our first five

We used his home as a base to contact five
area pastors that we had previously
contacted through the Internet and Facebook
back in February and who had expressed a
desire to meet with us personally.

On Wednesday we had a morning and
afternoon appointment.  On Thursday we had
a morning appointment.  Out of our five
it was suggested to us by more
than one individual that we conduct a
pastors' seminar.  Having obtained a phone
directory of area pastors, we immediately
began calling about 75 pastors.  We learned
that Lalitpur, where we were staying, was
central to many Christian churches.   We
obtained a meeting place about a block away
from our residence before phoning pastors.
The meeting was set for Sunday afternoon,
July 5.
Late Friday afternoon we moved
from Shaun's home to Gokarna
Forest Resort, a place we obtained
early in the year for the purpose of
relaxation while working (this is a
personal expense and not an Other
Sheep expense).  
We also used
the resort as a place to invite
individuals for personal meetings
(Blue Diamond Society members;
two area pastors; and one
interview meeting for an
evangelical publication).

On Saturday, July 4th,  we had the
resort make
30 copies of three
different papers which we
distributed at the seminar on the
following day.  Steve shortened his
Powerpoint on the Bible and
Homosexuality and customized it
with pictures of LGBT people from
Nepal which he took on the
previous two days of meetings with
LGBT and human rights
Photo copies of handouts for
the pastors' July 5th

The book
The Children Are
with Other Sheep
business cards taped in the
fly-leaf of each book.
The resort surprised
us with this
"birthday cake" --
as we worked in our
At right:  Jose making a final call to our
contact person at the meeting place, July 5,
2009, on our way to the pastors' seminar.
Appointments with
pastors, July 1 & 2, at
the home of Shaun
Kirven, our host.
Steve Parelli
Area pastor
Jose Ortiz
July 1 & 2, Jose Ortiz
phoning about 75
pastors inviting them
to the pastors' July
5th seminar.
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