Other Sheep 2012 Summer Ministries Report
A Report on the Travels of Rev. Stephen Parelli and Mr. Jose Ortiz
from June 29 – September 3, 2012
in the countries of
Uganda, Rwanda, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Martinique, St. Lucia and Guatemala
A report written by Stephen Parelli on Nov. 8 and 9, 2012, compiled from his travel journals,
for the Other Sheep Nov. 10, 2012 Annual Business Meeting, meeting in St. Louis, MO
Table of Contents
Kampala, Uganda – Twelve Days
Tuesday, July 3 – Thursday, July 12; and Tuesday, July 17 and Wednesday, July 18, 2012


  1. Two-day seminar with Uganda Victim Support Organization (UVSO), 22 attendees sign-
    in with name and email address; police protection provided
  2. One-day seminar with Uganda Bisexual Movement, 200 people attend; police
    protection provided
  3. A personal meeting with MP (Member of Parliament, name withheld)
  4. Project committee formed with four LGBT organizations to translate into Luganda,
    print and distribute 5,000 copies of the book TCAF (The Children Are Free)
  5. Reunite with contacts from 2008; make new contacts with LGBT individuals and
  6. Other Sheep eNews on the two-day conference sent out to constituents worldwide

Calendar of Activities (A numbered item indicates a substantial Other Sheep activity)

  • Tuesday, July 3 – First Day
  • Arrive at Entebbe airport and meet Alfred (UVSO); settle in at Pal Suits hotel in
    a suburb of Kampala; with Alfred (Director of Uganda Victim Support
    Organization), we meet Edward (Treasurer of UVSO); arrange for photo copying
    of seminar materials
  • Wednesday, July 4 – Second Day
  • Search desperately for an ATM machine that will accept our ATM card (finally
    find one on Thursday; except for major establishments, credit cards are virtually
    not used in Kampala – everything is paid for in cash; we were constantly
    running to the ATM machine throughout our stay to pay for everything from
    copying, to hotel accommodations, to seminar costs, etc.)
  • (1) Lunch at hotel with UVSO Staff, about 8 people
  • Alfred takes us to the shared facilities of a (2) woman’s organization and a (3)
    substance abuse support organization; with the directors we discuss Other
    Sheep and each of the respective organizations  
  • Thursday, July 5 – Third Day
  • To Kampala, we finally find an ATM machine and make five withdrawals
    (between Jose and Steve); Steve’s ATM card is lost in the machine; it will be
    recovered from the bank on Wednesday, July 11 – a whole week later
  • Pay for and obtain copies of papers for seminar
  • Friday, July 6 – Fourth Day
  • (4) First Day of Two-Day Seminar with UVSO at Pal Suits; between about 25 in
  • (5) Evening, in our apartment, a DVD showing of the film The Bible Tells Me So
    (a documentary around different actual families and how they either supported
    or failed to support their gay child)
  • (6) Meet, in our apartment with the director of the Substance Abuse
    organization with whom we met on Wednesday, July 4; he discusses the fact of
    LGBT people involved with substance abuse
  • Saturday, July 7 – Fifth Day
  • (7) Second Day of Two-Day Seminar with UVSO at Pal Suits; about 25 in
    attendance (note: for the two days, a total 22 people gave their name and email
    address for future contact)
  • (8) Evening, in our apartment, a DVD showing of the film Living Dangerously (a
    documentary on LGBT activism in developing nations)
  • Sunday, July 8 – Sixth Day
  • (9) In our apartment in the morning, meet with director Brian, and two of his
    staff, of Uganda Bisexual Movement to plan a one-day seminar for Wednesday,
    July 18 (note: Brian attended the 2008 Kampala Other Sheep seminar on the
    Bible and homosexuality)
  • In our apartment, throughout the day, meet with (10) Jeffery the Pentecostal
    from 2007/2008; (11) Peter the Catholic, friend of Emmanuel of Rwanda; (12)
    Blessed (that’s his name) from 2007/2008
  • (13) In our apartment in the evening, an unscheduled meeting with several
    LGBT people (about 6 or 7) who spontaneously show up (to our standing
    invitation) – a lot of laughs together as a group, sharing stories
  • Monday, July 9 – Seventh Day
  • (14) Alfred takes us to a personal meeting with MP (member of parliament,
    name withheld), which meeting Alfred arranged being a friend of the MP – they
    MP hears Steve’s personal story; the anti-gay bill and the overall situation is
  • On the following day, or second day after the meeting, Alfred tells us that
    the MP phoned him and talked with him for two hours
  • Following our time in Uganda, the MP received from Alfred copies of the
    handouts we used in our two-day seminar and a copy of the book The
    Children Are Free (what the Bible does and does not say about
  • Materials/ Papers  Presented to Bahati
  • Early afternoon lunch with (15) Alfred and Brian and a friend of Brian’s at
    Speke Hotel (Mama Mia Pizza) – Alfred (of UVSO) and Brian (of UBM) become
    fast friends during Other Sheep’s short time in Uganda; Incidentally, while at
    Speke, meet and visit with (16) two staff from Spectrum (an LGBT organization)
    who are at work on their computers at the restaurant (Speke is a popular place
    for LGBT activists to work on their computers – this is where David Kato first
    brought us when we first visited Uganda in 2007; this is where Victor met us,
    unexpectedly, on one occasion).
  • In the evening, meet with (17) four different LGBT organizations (UVSO, UBM,
    Spectrum and a fourth) to discuss and plan a future project – the translation,
    printing and distribution in person of 5,000 copies of The Children Are Free in
  • UVSO wrote up the final proposal and submitted it to Carpenter
  • To date, Carpenter Foundation is in discussion with Other Sheep and
    UVSO and has informed us that a US church will need to submit the
    proposal before it can be considered
  • Tuesday, July 10 – Eighth Day
  • Alfred, Edward, Steve and Jose go over costs owed from Other Sheep to UVSO
  • Alfred and Jose go into Kampala to the ATM and to meet with Brian (UBM) to
    discuss Wednesday, July 18, seminar with UBM
  • (18) Gay young man named (name withheld), meets with us in our apartment to
    discuss his pastor’s sexual advances towards him (his pastor has a nationally-
    known mega-church in Kampala of 10,000)
  • Wednesday, July 11 – Ninth Day
  • Financial matters:  (a) recover Steve’s ATM card from Kampala bank; (b)
    withdraw cash; (c) pay Pal Suite hotel in cash
  • Arrange for, and (from Pal Suite hotel) move to, one night in JKB hotel in
    Kampala (to work on arrangements for UBM seminar)
  • Diner in Kampala at Speke hotel Mama Mia Pizza with Alfred, Edward and the
    (19) niece of a leading political figure in Uganda (office withheld)
  • Thursday, July 12 – Tenth Day
  • (20) Steve sends out eNews article on UVSO seminar
  • With Brian of UBM, go to and make final arrangements for seminar at the
    conference grounds of Ssebo Green (in an area outside of Kampala)
  • Jose with Brian to ATM; Other Sheep pays cash to both UVSO and UBM for
    costs of respective seminars
  • Late dinner at Nabos with Alfred, Edward and Brian, just before we board, with
    Alfred, a bus for Kigali, Rwanda (10:20 PM, bus leaves Kampala for an all-night
    trip to  Kigali)

(Friday, July 13 – Monday, July 16  -  In Rwanda for Day-Seminar with Other Sheep Rwanda)

  • Tuesday, July 17, 2012 – Eleventh Day
  • (Fly from Kigali to Entebbe, Uganda, late Monday night); from Entebbe airport to
    Ssebo Green conference ground, arriving there after midnight for housing, as  
    previously arranged, however, we are locked out; go to International Hotel for
    two nights – checking in in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (first night) and
    staying until Wednesday morning (second night)
  • Jose and Alfred and Richard (personal from Ssebo Green conference grounds)
    prepare for seminar; Steve prepares materials at hotel room
  • Wednesday, July 18, 2012 – Twelfth Day
  • (21) One-day seminar with UBM at Ssebo Green; 200 people attend; around
    noon, local official attempts to close down conference
  • Evening (celebration diner) at a classy French restaurant with Brian, his driver
    and two UBM staff of UBM, and Alfred and Edward of UVSO
  • All of us to Entebbe airport, saying good-by on Thursday, July 18, 2012 (just
    after Wednesday, mid-night)
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