Other Sheep 2012 Summer Ministries Report
A Report on the Travels of Rev. Stephen Parelli and Mr. Jose Ortiz
from June 29 – September 3, 2012
in the countries of
Uganda, Rwanda, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Martinique, St. Lucia and Guatemala
A report written by Stephen Parelli on Nov. 8 and 9, 2012, compiled from his travel journals,
for the Other Sheep Nov. 10, 2012 Annual Business Meeting, meeting in St. Louis, MO
Table of Contents
Istanbul, New York City, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia  – 9 Days (8 Nights)
Thursday, July 19 – Friday, July 27


  • To take a couple days off in Istanbul (since our connecting flight went through Istanbul)
  • Note: All costs for Istanbul, including airfare (the difference in additional airfare
    cost for three-day stay over) were incurred by Steve and Jose; no
    reimbursements were submitted to OS treasurer for this Istanbul stop-over
  • Mornings in Istanbul were actually spent doing Other Sheep work (emails,
    forthcoming appointments confirmed, writing out reports, eNews and blog)
  • To travel from Uganda to Martinique where our next mission was to take place; best
    and most inexpensive rout was to travel back through NYC, also, allowing us to pick up
    additional books

  1. Meeting and briefing with Istanbul gay-center director; meet LGBT people at gay center
  2. On July 20, from Istanbul, send out eNews on July 18 Kampala one-day seminar
  3. From New York City, write and mail out a letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on
    meeting with MP David Bahiti (note: the State Department, in a Nov. 2010 meeting on
    the LGBT situation in Uganda with LGBT organizations to which Other Sheep was
    invited and attended, asked organizations to keep the State Department abreast of
    any significant happenings in Uganda)
  4. In San Juan, interview with gay journalist of a monthly gay newspaper of Puerto Rico –
    article to come out in the December 2012 issue
  5. In St. Lucia, at the ferry to Martinique, a chance meeting of a couple who help us with
    our work in Martinique (for example: printing and covering the costs of all our materials
    for distribution)

Calendar of Activities (A numbered item indicates a substantial Other Sheep activity)

Thursday – Sunday, July 19-22 – Three Nights
  • Thursday.  We land in Istanbul around noon; make our way to our hotel
  • Thursday.  From our hotel, we make our way to meet with (1) the gay director of
    Istanbul’s gay center for about twenty minutes at a small diner next to the LGBT center
    where we discus religion and LGBT issues in Turkey; following which he gives us a (2)
    tour of the center and introduces us to center members who arrive for a regular
  • Friday – Saturday.  
  • Mornings spent doing Other Sheep related work at computer:  (3) Steve sends
    out eNews on Kampala July 18 one-day seminar; Jose maintains contact, by
    email, with individuals of up-coming events/appointments
  • Afternoons and evenings spent sight-seeing.  Note: All costs for Istanbul,
    including airfare (the difference in additional cost for two-day stay over) were
    incurred by Steve and Jose; no reimbursements were submitted to OS treasurer
    for this Istanbul stop-over.
  • Sunday. Hotel check-out; some sight-seeing; to airport for flight to NYC

New York City
Sunday – Tuesday, July 22 – 24 – Two Nights
  • Sunday. Arrive JFK after 10 PM
  • Monday.  Arrive home by subway at around 1:30 AM.  Sleep on air mattress due to two
    house guests occupying apartment (who leave on Monday morning).  (4) Write and
    mail (USPO) letter to Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State, on meeting with David Bahiti.
    Up all night Monday night into Tuesday packing for second leg of trip (taking 120
    copies of the book TCAF – The Children Are Free with us)
  • Tuesday. To JFK airport by taxi (by subway impractical when carrying 120 books)

Puerto Rico
Tuesday – Wednesday, July 24 – 25 – One Night
  • Tuesday.  Arrive San Juan around 8:15 PM
  • Wednesday.  (5) Interview with gay newspaper journalist.  Article scheduled to come
    out in Puerto Rico in December 2012.  Depart San Juan around 5:30 PM

St. Lucia
Wednesday – Friday, July 26 – 27 – Two Nights
  • Wednesday.  Arrive around 7:30 PM or later.  Taxi to Marigot Beach Club and Dive
    Resort (beautiful resort, obtained inexpensive rates through the Internet)
  • Thursday. Into the capitol by public transportation to purchase boat tickets for
    Martinique; purchase sim card for St. Luica; return by public transportation; check out
    of hotel (since we will leave early next day); leave books and projector at hotel for
    Untied and Strong to pick up
  • Friday. Leave hotel by taxi at 7:30 AM
  • Friday. At St. Lucia ferry/pier – (6) While waiting to board the ferry, we meet a fantastic
    couple who live in Martinique – they take personal interest in us, and during our stay in
    Martinique will (a) transport us to where we will rent a car (at a discount), (b) drive us
    to our hotel, (c) print and cover the total costs of all our materials, (d) dine with us on
    more than occasion, and (e) provide invaluable help by giving driving directions to us
    over the cell phone when needed
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