Other Sheep 2012 Summer Ministries Report
A Report on the Travels of Rev. Stephen Parelli and Mr. Jose Ortiz
from June 29 – September 3, 2012
in the countries of
Uganda, Rwanda, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Martinique, St. Lucia and Guatemala
A report written by Stephen Parelli on Nov. 8 and 9, 2012, compiled from his travel journals,
for the Other Sheep Nov. 10, 2012 Annual Business Meeting, meeting in St. Louis, MO
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Guatemala – 16 Days (16 Nights)
Friday, August 17 – Sunday, September 2

  • This was our official summer vacation; (Note: no expenses, including airfare to
    Guatemala -the difference in airfare from St. Lucia to NYC, verses St. Lucia to
    Guatemala to NYC- were submitted for reimbursement)
  • Even so, we dedicated time to networking Other Sheep

HighlightsAll related to Other Sheep networking
  • Our first full day, Jose speaks to the LGBT Christian fellowship at their regular weekly
  • Day-long sight-seeing with Marlon, LGBT Christian fellowship director, and a second
    day breakfast together, to discuss possible joint efforts with Other Sheep for outreach
    for summer 2013
  • Discuss first with local school teachers (at our resort sauna), and then with principal (on
    site at the school, by invitation of the teachers and principal) the possibility of teaching
    ESL for a week or two; invitation is granted
  • Four books of The Children Are Free in English are distributed to – A young American
    Peace Corp worker; A husband and wife Southern Baptist lay missionaries to
    Guatemala; Marlon, the LGBT Christian fellowship director; Jonathan, a Christian
  • At our resort:  A “Sauna Convert” – an amazing story – A gay man in his 50s, formerly
    married and with adult children, who attends a mega evangelical church in Guatemala
    City, heard Jose and Steve tell their story (something they did almost daily while at the
    sauna at their resort) and approached Steve to know more; subsequently, this
    gentleman, at Steve’s bidding, attended the LGBT Christian fellowship the very next
    Saturday (the week after Jose spoke there), and brought with him, to the meeting, a
  • Other people we entertained at our resort:  one straight young English man interested
    in Other Sheep (for a day); two gay local Guatemalans (one for two evenings following
    work, the second for one evening following work) both with conservative religious
  • Breakfast with a second American Peace Corp working who discusses with us his plan
    to have a December 1 AIDS day event in the interior of Guatemala; we give him all our
    qualified contacts:  two different activist groups in Guatemala city; the LGBT Christian
    fellowship group, and more; Jose writes an email to these groups to introduce them to
    each other
  • A gay Couch Surfer contact who meets up with us, and with him are two straight out of
    country men and one fellow gay activist Guatemalan; we spend the afternoon together
    and exchange contact info
  • Chance meeting with a PhD student from San Diego who gives us a Guatemalan gay
    activist contact (who works in the area of asylum); chance meeting with a jewelry
    designer (at his shop) who has designed jewelry for Hilary Clinton and the Queen of
    Spain who offers his help in the future if we return to Guatemala
  • A member of the LGBT Christian fellowship organizes a media event; while there was
    not response, Jose and the individual worked together, Jose in writing up a news
    release, the individual in contacting the news media by email
  • Contact by email and pro-LGBT activist psychologist, whose article in a local gay news
    magazine caught our eye.

Calendar of Activities related to Other Sheep networking (A numbered item indicates a
substantial Other Sheep networking incident)
; note: our sight-seeing events are not
reported (
and some of the above noted highlights have gone unrecorded as per their date)

  • Friday, August 17
  • Arrive Guatemala City (GA) late at night; (1) Arturo, a member of the LGBT
    Christian fellowship meets us at airport and conducts to our hotel in old section of
  • Saturday, August 18
  • Jose purchases sim card; Arturo takes us from GC to Antigua to our resort to
    check in and then back again to GC for (2) evening meeting with LGBT Christian
    fellowship group at which Jose speaks; (3) introduced to gay bar owner who
    solicits Jose to write an article for his e-newsletter; Arturo returns us to our resort,
    (4 and 5) two young men from the LGBT Christian fellowship ride with us, one
    asks Jose to maybe speak Wednesday at his LGBT secular group meeting (does
    not come to fruition)
  • Monday, August 20
  • Meet (6) Gabriel, gay man with strong religious backgrounds
  • Tuesday, August 21
  • At resort spa, talk with (7) four local public school teachers about teaching ESL
    for a week or two if we return to Antigua
  • At resort spa, Steve (8) invites gay middle aged Christian man to attend the
    LGBT Christian fellowship, gives him contact info (he does attend on Sat. and
    brings a friend)
  • Gabriel spends the evening with us at our resort
  • Wednesday, August 22
  • Spend the morning (9) at school in St. Maria; interview with the principal; visit
  • Late afternoon with (10) gay Couch Surfer and his (11) gay nurse friend (who
    does HIV/AIDS prevention seminars) and two out-of-country straight travelers
    (who are with Couch Surfer, one an Israeli, the other (12) Alex an Englishman) to
    mountain top restaurant together
  • Friday, August 23
  • (6) Gabriel visits with us at our resort in the evening
  • Saturday, August 25
  • Attend gay party at local establishment (no contacts made here; too much loud
  • Sunday, August 26
  • At breakfast at resort meet (13 and 14) Southern Baptist couple from  Alabama
    who teach pastors and lay leaders – give them a copy of TCAF
  • (12) Alex, straight Englishman studying TESOL, spends the day with us at the
  • (15) David of Interval, gay and from a strong religious background, spends the
    evening with us at our resort
  • John Donor emails us and asks us to contact two different individuals, (16) one
    of which we are able to reach by phone – his name Donald
  • Wednesday, August 29
  • Book store next to art Museo; purchase books on Guatemala, some there, some
    on line (at a cheaper price, and mailed to house in Bronx).
  • (17) Jonathan, a gay Christian, phones us to meet up with him for coffee;  we
    meet him and hear his gay-Christian story
  • Thursday, August 30
  • (18) Marlon, director of LGBT Christian fellowship in GC, spends the full day with
    us in Antigua (arriving in the early morning from GC); after evening meal, Jose
    goes to ATM with Marlon and donates $120 (from personal funds) to the
    scholarship fund for the September Mexico retreat – (19) to sponsor one of the
    members of the fellowship; discuss with Marlon possibility of Other Sheep working
    in Guatemala in 2013
  • (20) Peace Corp man at spa asks to have breakfast with Jose on the next day
  • Friday, August 31
  • We have breakfast with Peace Corp man and give him all our Guatemala
    contacts so that he can plan a Dec. 1 AIDS event in the more rural areas of
    Guatemala; (18) Jose emails letters to our secular and religious contacts in
    Guatemala and introduces them to this Peace Corp man
  • With (17) Jonathan (mentioned earlier) to Casa Sainta Domingo mountain top
    restaurant; he talks with about his abusive background and current situation
  • Saturday, September 1
  • Check out of resort by 2PM; taxi to Mia Casa and check in
  • Meet (21) Lex and (22) his brother and hear their stories; Lex, a world famous
    designer of jewelry gives us his contact info for possible further involvement with
    Other Sheep in the future
  • Sunday, September 2
  • From Antigua to GC by taxi
  • In GC, meet (18) Marlon, director of LGBT Christian fellowship, for breakfast and
    he then drives us to airport; discuss again future plans for working together in
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