us on the
topic  of
"Ex-Gays" for
a gay journal.
An introduction
by Graciela
Delgado, just
before the
Steve and
the paper
"Is There
Such A
Thing As
This is an
Photo at Left:  Andres with his mother who attended the August 19th presentation of
"Is There Really Such A Thing As Ex-Gay?"   
Photo at Right:  Jose and Steve being
interviewed for a Montevideo gay journal just prior to speaking at the August 19
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web page
General Geravasio Artigas, the father of Uruguay and the founder of
its 19th-century independence movememnt situated in the
Independence Square.
Palacio Salvo (pictured here) was the tallest
building in South America at the time of its construction in 1927.  
This gorgeous art deco edifice has
a sister building in Buenos
Aires, the Palacio Barolo, also designed by Mario Palanti.
First protestant church in
South America (Anglican),
Montevideo, Uruguay
For sale at the plaza
market, Montevideo,
Five Days in
Montevideo, Uruguay
Friday, August 18 - Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Photos at Left:
Fernando Frontan
(far left) and  
Andres (near left),
a gay couple who
arranged our
meetings in
Uruguay.  We
stayed with them
in their home.
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South America"  I thought to
myself  I'm not an expert, I only
know individual stories of gays and
lesbians and their parents and
friends that I've met along the
way.  I quickly thought of a Mexican
gay couple of 40 years or more
with whom we lived for a week in
Acapulco during our 2005 summer
trip in Mexico.  This couple, living in
Mexico City in the 1960s as high
school boyfriend and boyfriend, had
come out to their high school
friends and family shortly after
high school graduation.  This, in the
1960s and in Latin America;  and
they were accepted and loved by
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Then I thought of a very rural
state in Mexico where a journalist
there had asked us to tell our
story to help bring awareness to
the region.  He told us gays there
are afraid to come out because of
the utter rejection they would
face from the church and their
families.  So I answered the
Uruguayan TV talk show hostess
that I thought things were
in the United States and South
American in this way:  That in the
more metropolitan areas there
was generally more acceptance,
whereas in the rural areas there
was generally more intolerance.  
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...Continued from above.  And
that's where Other Sheep comes
in. To help, in part, where there is
intolerance and ignorance.  

It is not an overstatement to say,
where society is intolerant of the
rights of gays and lesbians, religion
is, by-enlarge, the major cause, if
not the single cause, for that
intolerance as well as for the
ignorance and lack of education
that accompanies that intolerance.
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Actually, I think my answer to the
talk show hostess should have
been more focused on the church
and its intolerance of gay and
lesbian civil rights.  Even here in
metropolitan New York City
where  Jose and I live, there is
marked intolerance.  And it comes
from the religious right.  "What's
the difference between the

United States and South
America?"  My reply:  "Where the
religious right - be it Catholic,
those of mainline denominations,
Evangelical, or otherwise - has a
strong hold, intolerance of the
civil rights of gays and lesbians
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Like this Memorial in
Montevideo that hollows the
lives fallen at the hands of a
merciless, intolerant and
ignorant government, so too,
could the children of God erect
a like Memorial to the
remembrance of the many
known and unknown lives of
those (homosexuals) who have
been, and continue to be,
spiritually and emotionally
violated, and in  some cases,
yes, have even lost his or her
life; and all at the hands of
ignorance and intolerance sadly
and ironically instituted and
fostered by religion.
Written:  September 2006
A Note About This Page
As you scroll down, this web page
features views of a Memorial
by the people of Uruguay to the
remembrance of those who,
because of Government
intolerance, were silently
displaced from society by covert
actions of the Government.
Above Left  Photo:
Dr. Dante Olivera
Perez, CIEL-SU
and wife, Graciela

Above Right Photo:
Fernando Frontan
(left in photo),
MCC Pastor;
Alejandra Lopez,
Photo at Right:
Local college
August 18, 2006
Photo at Right:
Jose and Steve in a live
TV interview on national
Uruguayan TV, Monday,
August 21, 2006.
Jose and
Steve met
with these
here and
others for a
on Religion
and Gay
Saturday, August 19, 2006
The Presentation of the Paper:
"Is There Really Such A Thing As Ex-Gay?"
After several  meetings and
4,300 miles of traveling in
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and
Uruguay, the TV hostess of a
national talk show in Montevideo,
Uruguay, asked me on live TV:   
"How are things
between the United States and
Continued below...
    On Second Thought:
    Answering Those Questions
    in A Live Interview
Photo At Left:
The Saturday, August 19th
attendees of the presentation of
the paper "Is There Really Such A
Thing As Ex-Gay?"

The meeting was sponsored by
EELMS, an gay rights activist
organization of the MCC Church of
Uruguay.  Fernando Frontan is
both the founder of EELMS and
the pastor of the MCC Church of
August 19, 2006,
Photos at Left:
Just some good fun.  Pictured here
are two events.  One is a birthday
party (top right photo and bottom
right photo).  The other event is an
evening gathering of a few friends.
Sunday, August 20, 2006
The Sunday Service of the MCC Church in Uruguay
Pastor Fernando Frontan preaching.
Two local Methodist pastors who are and have
been key supporters of the MMC Church in
Photo at Left:
The Metropolitan Community
Church of Uruguay.  Picture was
taken following their regular
Sunday service of August 20,