Introduction:  The Errant Use of the Word Sodomite in the King James Bible

    "The Issues about Homosexuality are Very Complex and Are Not Understood by Most Members
    of the Christian Church."  –Bernard Ramm, The American Baptist Seminary of the West.

  • The English word "Sodomite" is used in the 1611 KJV in the Old Testament 5 times, but not once
    in the 1973 NIV.  
  • A look at the five passages in both translations and the corresponding Hebrew word kadesh

Part 1:   Sodom & Gomorrah Revisited  Genesis 19

  • The Clobber Passages Listed
  • Sodom & Gomorrah Discussed, Genesis 19
  • Not a Story about Homosexuality
  • The Sins of Sodom and Gomorrah:  Violence, Inhospitality, and Social Oppression,
  • Conclusion:  The Real Rape - Injustice
    ". . . The real act of sodomy [rape] is the particular application of the story to
    [LGBTs] and the translation of textual violence into social."  
    -Robert Goss, Queering Christ

Part 2:  Two New Testament Greek Words  I Corinthians 6:9; I Timothy 1:9-10

  • Introduction – The Texts in Question
  • malakoi –Why 'soft' does not mean 'homosexual'
  • Its Translation by Modern English Bible Versions
  • Definition/ Study
  • arsenokoitai – What Zeus and Naas teach us about homosexuality
  • Its Translation by Modern English Bible Versions
  • Five Attempts at Unlocking the Meaning of this Word
    "Because of its rarity, we can only guess at what the word means."
    -Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley, The Children Are Free

Part 3:  Against Nature  Romans 1

  • Robert E. Goss  -  Paul Has Been Wrong Before
  • Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley  -  It Doesn't Apply to Me
  • Thomas Hanks – Seven Myths Exposed

Part 4:  Male-Male Sex  Leviticus 18:22

  • The Eleventh Commandment
  • "Judicial holdings are limited to the facts of the case."  -Jeff Miner
  • Robert E. Goss – Gender Role Confusion
  • Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley – Homosexual Temple Prostitution
  • Steven Greenburg – What Does the Word Abomination Mean?
  • L. William Country man – Prohibition of Mixing Kinds

Part 5:  Going After Strange Flesh   Jude 7
  • What Was Jude Talking About?
  • Conclusion of the Study on the Bible and Homosexuality

The Bible and Homosexuality:
A Power Point Presentation
Created by Steve Parelli, Executive Director,
Other Sheep
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The Apostle Paul
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Fleeing Sodom
The abduction
of Ganymede
This is an
Other Sheep
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This is an
Other Sheep
Pictured Above:

Dr. Jeri E. Williams, Pastor of
Drexel Hill Baptist Church,
Drexel Hill, PA.
My Debt of Gratitude to a Welcoming Church
                and Queer Theologians

I was the new Executive Director of Other Sheep for a mere six
months when I met Rev. Dr. Jeri E. Williams for the first time.  We
met in February, 2006, at a weekend
AWAB meeting hosted by
Madison Avenue Baptist Church, New York City.

Before the weekend was over, Dr. Jeri Williams invited me to give a
one day seminar on the Bible and homosexuality at her Baptist
church in Drexel Hill, PA.  What an assignment!  This would be the
first time I would hear myself speak out loud in front of an
audience on what the Bible does or does not say about
homosexuality.  She was causing me to stretch; she no doubt
knew it; and she meant it as encouragement.  After all, I was a
defrocked Baptist minister.

Yes, I used to pastor and teach and preach, but all that ended
suddenly in 1997 when I left the ministry and openly entered into
a gay Christian relationship.  Now, nine years later, after applying
myself to all the books I could find on homosexuality and the
Bible, I was being asked to teach once again.  It was as if Dr. Jeri
Williams' ministry was, in part, to find the discarded gay and
lesbian servants of the church and love them back into good
working order.

I immediately turned to the scores upon scores of  books in my
growing queer theological library.  As I prepared my seminar I was
reminded again how we teachers are debtors to the theologians
and scholars we depend upon.  This time, though, I was a debtor
to queer theologians and queer scholars who had provided
exceptional queer academic studies for queer theological students
like me.

Obviously, the content I present here, in this powerpoint
presentatin on the Bible and homosexuality, is not original.  What
is original is the creative way in which it is presented.  And that's
what teachers do.  We want to catch your eye and ear and mind
and heart.  To some, the material presented will be "old hat."   
"I've heard it all before," they may say.  True enough.   Still there
are those yet to come, who like myself in 1997 will need this
material.  How happy I was, when I first came out, to find that
there were theologians who, for the prior twenty years, had been
applying themselves to gay Biblical studies.  I was surprised that I
had not been exposed to their writings right along.  But now,
suddenly, in 1997, my spiritual life depended on them.  I had to
find their writings. And this, I think, will be true for others for
years to come, especially for those - both straight and gay -
within evangelicalism.

For example, just this week, as I write this, a Baptist Christian in
his 30s whose father is a Baptist Bible Fellowship pastor and a
graduate of a nationally known evangelical university, wrote two
heart wrenching emails to me about the brokenness he is
experiencing as a gay Christian, not knowing where to turn and
having no general knowledge of how the Bible does NOT condemn
him. For this gay evangelical Christian, this material is material he
is hearing for the first time.  He is where I was ten years ago.

    Perhaps someday, further along in his journey, with
    the pastoral care and love of  people like Pastor Jeri,
    and with the mentoring of books by scholars like Tom
    Hanks and Bob Goss and with pastor-teachers like Jeff
    Miner, this young thirtyish gay evangelial Christian will
    look back and say, "There was a day when . . . "

                                                         by Steve Parelli
Bronx, New York
                                                                  April 27-28, 2007
See how
law of
       Part 4
Steve Parelli (right)
with partner Jose Ortiz
This writing, My Debt of
Gratitude to a
Welcoming Church and
Queer Theologians,
published in the 2007
Spring issue of the
Inspiriter, a quarterly
publicatin of AWAB
(Association of
Welcoming and Affirming

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