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"Here I am on the cusp of seventy
years of age . . . a Presbyterian
pastor and missionary" ministering to
fifty or sixty "queers and queens" in
"this northern Thai village context."   
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The Thai Village Gay Way, July 2009, by The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Dobson

Excerpt:  "Here I am on the cusp of seventy years of age . . . a Presbyterian pastor and missionary"
ministering to fifty or sixty "queers and queens" in "this northern Thai village context."

What's a Gay Christian to Do?  July 2009, by The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Dobson

This excellent summary-article looks at the traditional Bible passages used against LGBT people of faith
as well as the passages that may be considered to affirm us as LGBT people of faith.

Introduction to Article:  "The problem that we gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) Christians
have in the Church these days is that we are told we are wrong to be the way we are.  We will have to do
something about the way we are in order to conform to the Church’s theological standards.  But most of us
have been through that.  We have done our level best to change and it was the wrong thing to try to do.  
Incredible as it first seemed, the thing that actually has to happen is that the majority Church, the traditional
thinkers who are stuck in their thinking and “change challenged” will have to change.  And the first thing
that has to change for Protestants is theology."  

One Gospel, One Church, July 2009, by The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Dobson
Excerpt:  "Almost all of our denominations which have had any acceptance or recognition of we who are
GLBT members have been rent or are being ripped by dissent over this issue, which is not about the
Gospel.  There is only one way to contend that this debate is about the Gospel and that is to add to the
Gospel and turn it into gospel-plus.  This enriched gospel is not the Gospel . . .  I woke up the other
morning realizing that is what is happening.  The churches in the Church are crossing the Rubicon (or the
Jordan) one after another onto the side which says, “Our unity in Christ is not only a unity in the Gospel but
also in acceptable response to the Gospel.”

Time to Take a Step, October 2009, by The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Dobson

In this article, Dr. Kenneth Dobson discusses accepting one's self, coming out again and again, sexual
orientations – as many and varied, and then looks briefly at Thailand and more seriously at Uganda as an
example how society and culture may or may not be accepting is accepting only to a certain degree  He
concludes with the idea that, in view of Uganda, for gay activists "it is time to save some lives."

Now, if one is a gay male in Uganda, for instance, the stakes are entirely different.  There, under the impact
of cultural tradition and, we hear, due to the influx of Christian fundamentalism, new laws will criminalize a
wide number of sexual behaviors to try to eliminate homosexuality, even though being gay is not a matter
of choice.  In Uganda it’s going to be, “Go to jail.  Go directly to jail.  Do not pass GO.  Do not collect 200
dollars.”  Moreover, anyone in Uganda who aids and abets, who fails to report within 24 hours, or who
consorts with homosexuals will be criminal if this law is enacted.  Repeat offenders will be hung by the
neck until dead.  The Ugandan church is behind this.  The law is good as far as the majority of Christians is
concerned.  It’s on the agenda of the Christian right in the USA, too.  The Rev. Pat Robertson in 2001
agreed that the execution of homosexuals is in accord with God’s will for us who are gay.  [See Pat
Robertson’s “200 of Life’s Most Probing Questions” on
topic=14].  This intensity of gay hatred hasn’t surfaced since the NAZIs forced homosexuals to wear pink
triangles as they shipped them off to Auschwitz.  
No, being gay may be as natural as being a certain race, or right or left handed.  But the point is muted if
we are being criminalized and rounded up.  It’s time to end the vendetta against us before the killing really
gets started again.  Gay rights might be about where we can get married and serve in the military, but we
need to be about more than gaining social acceptance and job security.  The crisis that is unfolding is
about loathing that is spiraling out of control, and it’s about politicizing this loathing, encouraging rage,
legitimizing violence, and allowing terror.

Jesus Was Gay? February 23, 2010, by The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Dobson
I read this week that Sir Elton John has made headlines claiming that Jesus was gay.  . . .

I am ready to agree that Jesus was gay.

I am not only ready to accept, I am ready to insist, that Jesus was gay, black, feminine, Hispanic (in Texas,
for example), Christian (in Burma, for example), a migrant, an immigrant, a liberal, and that Jesus was in
Auschwitz, in Salem (you know when), at Gettysburg, in Stalingrad ... wherever people are suffering Jesus
is there, and radically one of them ... not just for them, but with them, one of them.  

Religion and Same-sex Marriages:  The Thai Situation  
November 19, 2010, by The Rev. Kenneth Dobson

Kenneth Dobson speaks in Bangkok on a panel of six on the topic "Religion and Same-sex Marriages: The
Thai Situation."  
Here are his comments in outline form and a letter in which he comments on the event.
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