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NEWS  2006-06-14
Cameroon men "guilty" of sodomny

NEWS  2006-05-08
Cameroon:  Government Refuses to
Release Nine Men Discharged on
Homosexuality Charages

NEWS  2006-05-05
Cameroon refuses to release men
acquitted of homosexuality chargers

Cameroon refuses to release men found
not guilty of 'homosexuality charges'

NEWS  2006-05-03
Yaounde (Cameroon) Nine Still In Prison
Though Acquitted

NEWS  2006-04-22
Cameroon releases nine men jailed for
being gay

NEWS  2006-04-21
Nine Men Acquitted in Major Victory for
Human Rights!

An Interview
"The Grassroot People Matter More In An
Election" -- Alice Nkom
This is an
Other Sheep
Alice Nkom at the
bedside of Alim
Yaounde Central
Hospital, Yaounde,
English translation of July 1, 2006 email from Alice


. . . the legal proceedings of the 9 has seen many
setbacks and we were longing to reach an
agreement.  June 12th [
one and a half months
after their acquittal
] was set as the date when
the nine would [finally] be set free from prison.  
Tragically, we lost Alim.  Alim was an AIDS
patience, who upon being released from prison on
June 12, 2006, was immediately admitted to
Yaounde Central Hospital where he died a few
days later.  I was able to notify the LGBT
community.  They organized a vigil that was held in
Paris on June 29, 2006.  I am sending you a few
photos, some texts and . . . .

Alice Nkom at
the bedside of
Yaounde Central
Hospital, Yaounde,

They are not without a voice
those who now sleep the sleep of death because of ignorance,  injustice and lack
of mercy,
unless we who have witnessed their inhumane treatment and untimely demise fail
to speak for them
by speaking out for others like them who still live among us
and are part of us, if not our very selves.
Stephen Parelli
                                                                                                                                           July 2, 2006
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This is an Other Sheep website
Pictured Above:
Founder and President of the
Association for the Defense of
Homosexuals (ADEFHO)
Alice Nkom, Attorney
Cameroon, Africa
Email:  nkomalice@hotmail.com
In a July 1, 2006, email, Alice wrote:
(see English translation below)


. . . le procès des 9 à connu plusieurs
rebondissements et il nous tardait d'arriver à un
dénouement. Celui-ci est intervenu le 12 Juin
2006 date à laquelle tous les 9 ont été libérés et
ont pu quitter la prison. Malheureusement nous en
avons perdu un celui qui est directement sorti de la
prison vers l'hopital central de Yaoundé où on a pu
l'interner pour cause de SIDA. Il est d'ailleurs mort
quelques jours après et j'ai pu informer la
communauté LGBT qui s'est mobilisée au cours
d'une veillée à Paris le 29 Juin 2006. Je t'envoie
quelques photos, des textes et comptes rendus où
tu pourras puiser un peu plus de détails.  . . .

Alice Nkom
Geneva, Switzerland
ILGA 23rd World
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Dr. Luc Lui holding
Alim's hand