The writing at left
by HOPE Ministry,
NYC, is a
description of the
Ex-Gay group
which Steve and
Jose attended
which was
conducted at and
by Calvary Baptist
Manhattan, New
York.  The writing
is taken from the
HOPE website.

From the official Hope web site (copied of the Internet May 2006)

Hope Ministry, NYC is a ministry to Christian men and women overcoming
homosexuality. Our ministry also supports parents and spouses of
homosexual persons. It is a referral service of Exodus International. HOPE
began at
Calvary Baptist Church in New York City under the direction of
Pastor Ken Geis in
May, 1993. At that time, Dr. Geis contacted Exodus and
Dr. Bill Consiglio who guided us along in establishing HOPE Ministry, NYC.
We have had the blessing of having Dr. Bill Consiglio among us on a frequent
basis. Dr. Consiglio is an ordained minister, author of
"Homosexual No
More", and certified Christian counselor with over twenty years experience
working with Christians overcoming homosexuality.
Over the years, we
have seen many lives turned around and have been greatly
encouraged by so many individuals who have won the victory and
gained a new freedom.
We do believe that Jesus Christ is the healer and
worker of miracles and
we have seen many of those miracles of change
among us.
We praise and thank God for the hope he has given us in him
and in HOPE Ministry. "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the
Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope".
-Jeremiah 29:11  
    Steve Parelli
    Jose Ortiz
With reference to the above quotes in bold letters  " . . .
we have seen many  of those miracles of change
among us"
note the following:

Steve and Jose, while at HOPE, were never
introduced to an  example of an individual who had
overcome homosexuality
, including the leader himself
who never shared his testimony.  Furthermore
no one
ever sited an example of an overcomer from
HOPE's more than three years of history prior to
our participation
.  We cannot testify to having met a
single overcomer at HOPE or having been told of
one by name or anonymously
This above quote from the Hope website and this
comment were written May 2006
The Bogus Claim of the Ex-gay Ministry of Calvary Baptist
Church, Manhattan, New York.
This is an Other
Sheep website
This web page was created February 20, 2010.  Bronx, NY.
This writing was first published on this website in May of 2006.
Visits to this webpage since February 20, 2010.
Photo at left:
Rev, Steve Parelli, Lumut, Malaysia, August 2009.
Steve and Jose, his husband, minister with Other Sheep, a worldwide ministry for
the empowerment of LGBT people of faith.  Unlike the Calvary Baptist Church
message, Rev. Steve, though formerly a Baptist minister himself, presents a
message of
real deliverance:  Its OK to be gay and Christian.
Hope Ministry, NYC, of Calvary Baptist
Church, Manhattan, New York:  
Their bogus claim to "many ...
miracles of change among us."
On Tuesday evenings in 1997, Steve Parelli and Jose
Ortiz attended Calvary Baptist Church's Hope Ministry, a
ministry for Christians wanting to "overcome" their
homosexual orientation.
Calvary Baptist Church
Manhattan, New York
When Steve was a teenager, he remembers listening to Stephen
Olford preach over the radio from Calvary Baptist Church and how
much he admired Olford as
the model preacher that he was.  Steve
emulated Olford as a preacher, hoping to preach someday like him.  
How ironic, that the radio church that meant the most to him in his
youth became the place where, 30 years later, he would go to
receive ex-gay counseling . . . and would meet there his life partner.
The Miracle that Happened for Me
at Calvary Baptist Church

In February of 1997, at my first Hope ex-gay meeting at Calvary Baptist
Church, I met my life partner!  For three years I had risen early practically
every morning and went for my "prayer walk" (as I came to call it) and with
tears I literally cried (I was broken) asking for God to give me "male arms"
to hold me.  At Calvary Baptist Church, Manhattan, New York, God
answered that prayer.  For me, this was the Calvary Baptist Church
miracle -- but NOT the miracle they were looking for.
Rev. Steve Parelli
Lumut, Malaysia
August 2009
Steve and Jose
Wedding day
August 25, 2008
As I recall, the
leader of the group
was a deacon of
Calavary Baptist
Church.  He has
since left the
church altogether.  
He was himself a
gay man.  But we
never heard his
story of change,
process,  or
growth.  He was a
faciliator without his
own story of
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