Home made lunch with students at The Latin American
Biblical University, San Jose, Costa Rica, April 28, 2008
UBL (Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana)
gave me their key to the wireless Internet.  I
spent a few hours each day on campus
with my laptop, generally in the
Administration building.  My first day, I
placed myself in the student center where I
was able to meet students.  The student
pictured at the immediate right invited me
to their lunch and promptly took me to their
kitchen and eating area.
Students are pictured here by
Their Countries?
Three students were from Lima, Peru;
two students were from Honduras; one
student (not pictured) was from the
Caribbean islands; and another (not
pictured) from Europe.
Above Photo:  Steve (center) shows two students
the Other Sheep Spanish websites
At right:  Student
dorms and living
center.  Kitchen,
eating area,
living space,
laundry, etc.
This is an Other Sheep website
This is an Other Sheep website
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  • Other Sheep
    Coordinator for
    Central America,
    Bernal Esquivel, and
    his partner Rafael

  • Executive Director
    speaks to la
    Comunidad Arco Iris
    group in San Jose

  • Executive Director
    meets professors and
    staff of the Latin
    American Biblical

  • Executive Director has
    lunch with students of
    the Latin American
    Biblical University

  • Hispanic Focus on the
    Family grants meeting
    with Executive Director;

  • Additional contacts
    made along the way
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Click over the photo
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Other Sheep 2008 Costa Rica Contacts
Follow the arrow (click it) and take a tour of
scenic Costa Rica
.  Visit the Arenal Volcano.
Take the road to Santa Elena. See the
Caribbean coast, rain forests, wildlife, and
some personal shots of Steve and Jose.

  • That I would like to have their
    email addresses for future
    contact if they would like.  Six
    students were happy to keep in

  • And a few other things . . . as
    best I could.
UBL student dorm, kitchen and dining room, lounge,
computer room, and other amenities.