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The Evolution of our
Costa Rica Trip
When it comes to our travels, people
often ask us how we decide where to go.  
Our answer pretty much is:  "Whatever is
on sale."

Take Hong Kong for instance (which
was before we met Other Sheep).  We
paid only $700.00 per person for round
trip airfare from New York City to
Hong Kong with 10 nights in
a three star hotel included.  
Of course, this was
immediately after the sars
disease and the sale was to
give tourism a jump start.
So, how did we end up in Costa Rica as a vacation spot?

Jose and I each had a $400.00 voucher with Delta from a previous
personal trip in which we had given up our seats.  We had a week in
February and this week in April to plan a trip (Jose's New York City
public school winter and spring breaks).   At Delta check in (where
you must go to redeem your vouchers) a friendly salesperson
continued to punch in February and April dates and different
destinations until we hit the jackpot.  (I think he was enjoying the
change of pace from regular check ins.)  Costa Rica came up
$287.00 round trip for April.  We've always wanted to see Costa
Rica but we've always found tickets for around $700.00 per person
R/T.  We secured these prices and bought the tickets for a one week
vacation for two in Costa Rica (and received new vouchers for the
amount not used.  Where can we go for $133.00 each?  Ha!).
But a simple six day vacation to Costa
Rica, a possibility prior to 2005 (our life
before Other Sheep), was now not very
likely.  With Other Sheep in our life, and
with Costa Rica the home of the Latin
American Biblical University where Rev.
Dr. Tom Hanks taught Biblical Hebrew
Language and where some professors
there are Other Sheep Advisory Board
Members for Latin America.  Well, you
guessed it, we hoped to get some time
in to meet Other Sheep people.
But there's more.  Other Sheep just appointed a
first time Coordinator for Central America, Bernal
 Rafael, his partner, offered me the use of
a furnished apartment in San Jose if I wished to
stay on some additional time.  The offer was
irresistible and my partner, Jose,  was in
agreement that I could stay on for an additional
week and focus on Other Sheep work.  So, basically
our first week was a vacation week although Jose
did get to meet Roy and Janet May, Advisory Board
members for Other Sheep, as well as spend some
time with Bernal, Coordinator for Central America,
and Rafael,his partner.
So, how did we finance this trip?  We financed it ourselves.  We
made no appeal for any funding nor received any donations for
this trip.  Other Sheep funds were not used for this trip.   We were
happy for the Delta vouchers and for the housing provided in San
Jose by Bernal and Rafael.  Also, I should mention that the Latin
American Biblical University permitted me to use their
administration building as an office where I was able to use their
wireless connection to the Internet.  The campus was only a three
to five minute drive from the apartment where I was staying.  I
spent many hours on campus doing my regular Other Sheep
Steve Parelli
Executive Director
Other Sheep
Tom Hanks
Bernal Esquivel
Rafael Rodriguez
Our San Jose apartment
Sunset over the street perpendicular to the
street of the San Jose apartment.
This is an Other Sheep website
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  • Other Sheep
    Coordinator for
    Central America,
    Bernal Esquivel, and
    his partner Rafael

  • Executive Director
    speaks to la
    Comunidad Arco Iris
    group in San Jose

  • Executive Director
    meets professors and
    staff of the Latin
    American Biblical

  • Executive Director has
    lunch with students of
    the Latin American
    Biblical University

  • Hispanic Focus on the
    Family grants meeting
    with Executive Director;

  • Additional contacts
    made along the way
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Other Sheep 2008 Costa Rica Contacts
Follow the arrow (click it) and take a tour of
scenic Costa Rica
.  Visit the Arenal Volcano.
Take the road to Santa Elena. See the
Caribbean coast, rain forests, wildlife, and
some personal shots of Steve and Jose.
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park
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