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Above two photos
and at left
:  Views
between Cartago
and Turrialba.
Sugar Cane (foreground) and Tea (under trees in background).
Juan Vinas, Costa Rica
Playa Negra, Puerto Viejo
Braulio National Park
Above photo:  Bungalow
Calalu, Puerto Viejo
Photo below:  Braulio National Park
Photo at right:  Boys swimming
in a river in the region of Limon.  
May 1, Costa Rica Labor Day.
Basilica of Our Lady of the
, the site where the Black
Virgin first revealed herself to a
peasant girl in 1635.  Cartago,
Costa Rica.
Bungalow Calalu, Puerto Viejo
Christopher Columbus is said to have anchored here in 1502 in the lee of Isla Uvita, just off
the cost of Limon, Costa Rica.
This is an Other Sheep website
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Photos taken from May 1 to May 4, 2008
Two photos at right:
Guayabo National Monument.  
Per-columbian site, dates from  
between 1000 BC - AD 1400.