On April 28, 2008, at their regular weekly Monday
evening meeting, Steve presented his power point
presentation on
Kenya-Uganda 2007 to the Comunidad
Arco Iris (Rainbow Community) of San Jose, Costa Rica.
Meeting room for Comunidad Arco Iris
Above Photo:  A slide from the
Kenya-Uganda 2007 power point
presentation.  Note:  the power point is not
available on the Internet because of
sensitive pictures, i.e., photos of individuals
that can be shown before a group, but which
cannot be publicised.
Above Photo:  Members of La Comunidad Arco Iris who attended the showing of the
power point presentation of Kenya-Uganda 2007.  Not all who attended were able to
be in the photo knowing it was for the Internet.
Rafael, Bernal's partner.  
Rafael translated Steve's
talk and presentation on
Kenya-Uganda 2007.
"Charlie" was the
technician who
set up Steve's
laptop to the
Above Photo:  Steve Parelli, left, with Bernal
Esquivel, Other Sheep Coordinator for Central
America.  Bernal was away on business in
New York City the night that Steve spoke at Arco
Iris.  Bernal spent two nights in our Bronx home.
Above Photo:  After the Arco Iris meeting, Rafael (second left)
and three friends, a straight ally (left) and a lesbian couple
(right in above photo, and
far right photo), invited Steve to a
local restaurant for food and fellowship.
This is an Other Sheep website
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This is an Other Sheep website

  • Other Sheep
    Coordinator for
    Central America,
    Bernal Esquivel, and
    his partner Rafael

  • Executive Director
    speaks to la
    Communidad Arco Iris
    group in San Jose

  • Executive Director
    meets professors and
    staff of the Latin
    American Biblical

  • Executive Director has
    lunch with students of
    the Latin American
    Biblical University

  • Hispanic Focus on the
    Family grants meeting
    with Executive Director;

  • Additional contacts
    made along the way
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