Murals by Diego Rivera from
the western balcony of the
second floor of the
Palacio de
, Cuernavaca. Mexico
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Pictured Above.
We met this girl,
shown here with her
boyfriend, at a small
side walk cafe where
writers and
"thinkers" sit and
share ideas.  They
watched us march in
the parade.
Pictured at right.   Rev.
Alfonso Leija of the IMC
Renovacion church at the
first Cuernavaca Gay parade
which his LGBT congregation
initiated and conducted as the
conclusin of their week long
"Sexual Diversity" event.
Pictured Below.  At the IMC
Renovation church of
Cuernavaca at the end of the
day, August 6, after the Gay
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At the church, a safe place for:
"Boyfriend and boyfriend"
As heart warming and moving as any young
straight "boyfriend and girlfriend."

    On August 4, 2005, Cuernavaca woke to the
    voice of a New Yorker Puerto Rican ex-"ex-
    gay" evangelical:  Jose.

    OK, so it was only a three minute blurb at the
    most.  Rev. Alfonso Leija (center in picture at
    right) who teaches pharmacology on the
    campus where the broadcast originates,
    brings a regular academic thematic
    broadcast.  On this occasion, another teacher
    spoke on home gardening, then Rev. Leija
    commented briefly on genetics and
    homosexuality.  At that point, he introduced
    Jose as an ex-"ex-gay."  Jose spoke briefly.
Ridiculizacion, politica de la Iglesia hacia gays y lesbianas (Spanish)
Mockery, policy of the Church towards Gays and Lesbians (English)
An article on the panel discusion by Alma E. Munoz published in  Jornada, Friday, August 5, 2005
Rev. Alfonso Leija,
second from right.
Jose Ortiz
Rev. Alfonso
Leija, center.
Alfonso Leija
ICM Renovation
Saturday, August 6, 2005.  Cuernavaca, Mexico's first gay parade!

At the end of the day we
saw fireworks.

Jose:  "That's not part of
the planned activities, is

Steve:  "I don't think so,
but we'll take it as meant
for us (LGBTs)."
The ruins of Xochicalco,
Cuernavaca, Mexico
Catedral de la
The ruins of Xochicalco,
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Left hand wall:  Outer wall of the
Palacio de Cortes (built 1520s)
Capilla del Carmen, late 19th century
Our hostess and daughter.  
We stayed four nights in their
home.  She's the secretary at
the church.
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