August 15, 2010
    Koder House
    Tower Road
    Fort Cochin, Cochin, India

Dear Father Josey,

I am with an organization from the United States called Other Sheep that works
on behalf of sexual minorities.  Other Sheep is an ecumenical Christian ministry
that works worldwide for the full inclusion of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender) people of faith within their respective faith traditions.

We work for the empowerment of LGBT people by encouraging them to embrace
their sexual orientation, gender, etc. as well as their faith.

We are not able to visit as many clergy as we would like.  We are in India only two
weeks.  Michael, a fine young man who works in the area as a waiter on tables,
was interested in our ministry and recommended that we give you a copy of the
materials that we use with clergy and lay leaders.  He has accepted our request
to give you these materials.
Please accept these materials:  Four articles/papers and one book that address
homosexuality in the context of religion.

I am staying at Koder House on Tower Road until Tuesday of this week.  I leave
at 10:30am on Tuesday.  If it is possible to meet briefly, I’d be happy to do so.  
My phone number is 998 081 5518.


Rev. Stephen Parelli
Executive Director of Other Sheep
Ordained MCC Clergy
Member of MCCNY and
The Riverside Church, Manhattan, NY

Other Sheep in
INDIA 2010
  • CHINA 2010:  Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hainan, Beijing
  • INDIA 2010:  Bangalore, Trivandrum, Alleppey, Cochin

Other Sheep in
INDIA 2010
  • CHINA 2010:  Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hainan, Beijing
  • INDIA 2010:  Bangalore, Trivandrum, Alleppey, Cochin
On this page:
Letter to a Fort Cochin, India, Priest:
At the request of one of his parishioners
The Story Behind the Letter

After attending a local cultural event
(photo at far left), Jose and I stepped
into an alluring restaurant more out of
curiosity than interest in dining.  The
waiter, who, once he learned what we
do, asked us to please contact his

Because we only had one full
remaining day left in Cochin, we told
the waiter we would give the materials
to him with a cover letter to deliver to
his Bioshop.

Without a second thought, he agreed.  
We returned to our hotel, crafted the
above letter and returned to the waiter
with the materials and letter in an
Above photo:
This waiter -- not the referred to in
the above letter -- is the gentleman
who waited on our table at the Kodor
House.  Everywhere we dined, more
times than night, conversation
turned to the topic of . . . well, being
"husband and husband."
Fort Cochin, India
Photo by Steve Parelli
Fort Cochin, India
Photo by Steve Parel
Fort Cochin, India
Photo by Steve Parelli
Steve and Jose
in their room at
the Kodor House,
Sunday, August
15, 2010
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