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"My story as gay and Christian:  God's Abundant Love"
By Fergus Lo, a gay Christian man from Hong Kong.  
Received by email on Oct. 16, 2011
I live in Hong Kong.  I am a relatively young gay Christian man.  And, for more than ten years, I have
been attending a church here in Hong Kong that ministers primarily to the LGBT community.  Here is my

Becoming a Christian
Because I attended a Christian primary school and a Catholic secondary school, as a young person I
knew many Bible stories.  However, it was not until about ten-years ago that I first began to follow Jesus.

It was then that one of my friends invited me to go to a Sunday service at
Blessed Minority Christian
Fellowship (BMCF) where the majority of the congregation is gay and lesbian.  There were less than
100 people in attendance. I found the service to be more or less the same as those few services I had
attended in other churches before.  When I told my twin brother (who has been a Christian since he was
a kid) about my Sunday visit to BMCF, he encouraged me to go to their Friday evening fellowship
meeting.  I took his advice, gave it a try, and I’m glad I did.

There were less than 20 people at the Friday evening fellowship meeting.  To my surprise, some of the
members shared their stories with me as if we were very close friends.  I thought I would be a stranger
among them, but they treated me as a friend who belonged.  It was the love and trust I experienced that
urged me to go to the meeting again the following Friday and the Fridays after.  I wanted to know what
made these Christians so different to love not only their friends but also strangers like me.

Meanwhile, I dug up my Bible from storage and started reading it again.  Also, my brother gave me a
book of stories on how following Jesus had changed people’s lives.  I have to admit that before this time
I had thought that my accomplishments – my degree, my career, etc. – were merely the result of my own
efforts.  Yet, in my quite moments, I had to admit that there must be a God who had been guiding me
and providing even before I knew Him.  My heart was opened and I began to realize God’s abundant
love pouring on me and others.  I continued to attend the BMCF services on a regular basis and within a
year I was baptized.

Christianity and Homosexuality
I never had a huge struggle between my two identities – gay and Christian, like some of my fellow
brothers and sisters do.  I had realized and accepted my sexual orientation before I started following
Jesus, and when I did accept Jesus as my Savior it was at a welcoming and affirming LGBT church.  It is
true, however, that I was somewhat hit hard by
the six passages in the Bible which are commonly used
to condemn homosexuals. My friends at the church urged me not to take the verses literally but to study
each passage in its historical and literary context:  what is the background of each passage; to whom
was the author writing – his intended reader; what was the time period or the culture in which the
passage is set.  Besides, there are Bible passages we don’t observe today like what we can and cannot
eat or wear; and passages where women and men are treated differently.

As I studied the Bible passages used to condemn homosexuals, I found that the debates went on and
on. The opposing arguments are not always black and white. Yet, I did not find disagreements between
theologians so confusing that I was turned away from God.  Instead, I was encouraged to open my heart
and ears more – to listen to various points of view.  After all, the most important aspect of my Christian
faith was that I had experienced God’s love and realized how He abundantly loves people, both gay and
straight.  There are many things we don’t understand, like injustice, unfairness, etc. We need to be
humble instead of turning away from God.

Ups and Downs
After becoming a Christian I still experienced some down moments in my life.  God has not promised
success in every aspect of our lives.  Nevertheless, it has been the ups and downs that have enabled
me to experience God’s guidance, protection and His presence.  Because of my ups and downs I have
not taken Him for granted.

There are many challenges for the gay person living in Hong Kong, and more so for the gay Christian
living here.  Even so, I am very grateful that God created me just as I am – a gay man, and that I am a
Christian.  God loves me unconditionally regardless of my sexual orientation.  In fact, being gay enables
me to see His abundant love from a perspective straight people do not necessarily experience.  In
addition, being a gay Christian enables me to put my feet in the shoes of other minority communities
more easily.

A special blessing . . . being gay!
I would like to proclaim loudly that being a Christian and gay is definitely not contradictory. Actually, it is
a special blessing!
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Above:  Ferguso Lo
Above:  Fergus Lo, far right, with friends
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Above left to right:  Fergus Lo, Steve
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