Adam grew up in the US where he was raised
bilingual English and Japanese. He completed
a BA in Comparative Religion and Philosophy
from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. During
graduate school, Adam received a fellowship
from the Japan-America Society to conduct a
year of research in Japan on post-WWII
Japanese religious movements. It was during
this year in Japan that Adam changed his field to
Thai Studies. Adam graduated with a Master of
Theological Studies from Harvard University
where he studied Thai religion with Dr. Donald
K. Swearer, a leading scholar in the field of Thai
Buddhism and long-term researcher in Chiang
A native of the Bay Islands, a former British colony off the
coast of Honduras, Eva Pascal's teaching focuses on
the intersection between gender and theology. A faculty
member in the International Master's of Divinity program
at McGilvary College of Divinity, "Ajan Eva," as she is
known on campus, also teaches a class on World
Religions in the International College. Eva graduated
with a BA in Religion and Philosophy from La Sierra
University and a Master's of Divinity from Harvard Divinity
School where she studied with Elisabeth
Schussler-Fiorenza and Sarah Coakley. In constant
search of good music and theological innovation, while
in graduate school, Eva conducted research on the
theology of Bob Marley's reggae music. It was during
this time that Eva first encountered the religions and
cultures of Southeast Asia in a seminar she took with
Dr. Donald K. Swearer who encouraged her to expand
her research to include Asian expressions of
Christianity. Eva has been teaching at Payap since
August 2006 and thoroughly enjoys the diversity of
backgrounds and passion that drive so many of her
students.  Eva suffers from two uncontrollable
obsessions: sports and chocolate.  August 2008.  
Contact Information:

Eva Pascal, MDiv.
Lecturer in Religion
Payap University
McGilvary College of Divinity
Contact Information:

Adam Dedman
Director, Office of International Affairs
Payap University
Pentecost Building, Room 115
Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Tel: +66-53-851-478 ext. 7231
Fax: +66-53-245-353
Our 2009 Other Sheep Asia Trip
Two pro-LGBT professors from
Chiang Mai, Thailand
July 28, 2009

On Tuesday morning, July 28, 2009, Jose and Steve met with Eva
and Adam Dedman and Dr. Kenneth Dobson, - a meeting
arranged by Dr. Kenneth Dobson.  Steve and Jose were privileged to
meet Eva and Adam.  They expressed their concern for matters
respecting LGBT people and said they were happy to be posted here
as individuals who would be a reference point for help for LGBT people
who might seek out someone's counsel or advice.
Eva Pascal, Lecturer in Religion, McGilvary College of
Divinity, Payap University
Adam Dedman, Director, Office of International Affairs,
Payap University
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Our 2009
Southeast Asia Trip
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June 28 - July 10, 2009

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