Our 2009 Other Sheep Asia Trip

Bangkok, Thailand
Sunday-Friday, August 23-28, 2009.
photos by steve parelli
Bangkok, Thailand
Sunday night -Friday noon, August 23-28, 2009
4 and 1/2 days in Bangkok

  • Meeting with American Episcopal priest
  • Small group Seminar with Bangkok Post coverage
  • Planning of trip to Mae Sot
  • Chance meeting - Indonesia TV film maker
  • Our first wedding anniversary celebration
Grand Palace Temple Area
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sunday night - Friday noon
August 23 - 28, 2009

We arrived in Bangkok by plane from
Georgetown, Malaysia, late
Sunday night,
with a connecting flight in Kuala Lumpur.  
Our Georgetown - Kuala Lumpur flight
was delayed some hours due to rain
causing low visibility.  

Monday morning was spent doing
business, part of which was firming up
our contact in Mae Sot by phone.  We
suggested, and Saw Yuri - our Mae Sot
contact - accepted, that we travel on
Friday afternoon to Mae Sot to be with him
Saturday morning to present a "personal"
showing of our Powerpoint on the Bible
and Homosexuality, and then return
Saturday afternoon for our flight to the
USA that same night.

Monday afternoon was spent
Late Monday afternoon, a
local travel agency assisted us with car
rental reservations for our Mae Sot trip
and with a day trip reservations by bus to
historical sites north of Bangkok with a
river cruise-buffet return trip to Bangkok
and an evening diner and show, all to
celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary on
Tuesday, August 25.

Wednesday we were back to some Other
Sheep work - Steve on the Internet and
Jose making copies of handouts for our
two meetings on Friday and Saturday.  In
the evening we met with an American
Episcopal priest.

Thursday morning we toured the Grand
grounds (see above photo) -- one
does not actually enter the Grand Palace,
just the grounds.  Thursday afternoon we
relaxed.  Thursday evening we picked up
our rent-a-car (not at the airport; it was a
maze getting back to our hotel!).
Four individuals attended the Bangkok seminar on The Bible and Sexuality:  (1) the
project director of MPlus, Chiang Mai; (2) a  professor; (3) a journalist from the
Bangkok Post; and (4) a Canadian living in Bangkok actively involved in a Bangkok

The seminar was advertised (1) by direct e-mail using Other Sheep eNews to area
churches of Bangkok; (2) in the OUTLOOK section of the Bangkok Post - free listing
of local events and lectures; and (3) on gay Internet news services through our
Singapore interview/article with Fridae.com which was distributed or picked up by
other Internet news services.  Unlike Nepal where 75 pastors were phoned and
invited personally by Jose Ortiz,  only a very, very few clergy were phoned directly
because of time constraints.

The seminar was held in a conference room of The Bangkok Christian Guest
The four attendees of the Bangkok seminar with Steve Parelli, center
Friday, August 28, 2009
Jose Ortiz at
entrance of
Active lay person
Steve Parelli
Professor              Activist                                        Journalist              Layperson
Photo at left:  
Jose Ortiz with a new friend.  We met Lina
on our Tuesday package
day-trip.  Here, at the
Bang Pa-In Palace
(Summer Palace)
she is helping Jose
clean his foot from over-ripened fallen fruit
(right photo).  Lina is from Indonesia and
works in TV-film making.  "Come to
Indonesia next year," she tells us, "and I'll
help connect you to people that can get
your message out."
Photo at left:  
Aisawan-Dhipaya-Asana Pavilion,
foreground at far left, with Phra
Thinang Varobhas Bimarn
Residential Hall in background to
the rigth.
Our 2009
Southeast Asia Trip
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August 30, 2009
Lina Chandra     Jose Ortiz
Photo below:
Lina Chandra