Our 2009 Other Sheep Asia Trip
Two Singapore Interviews:
Fridae and Queercast
Thursday, August 6; Wednesday, August 12, 2009
First Interview
Steve Parelli with reporter Sylvia Tan of www.Fridae.com, Thursday, August 6, 2009

The following is an excerpt from the
article by Sylvia Tan:

Rev Steve Parelli and his partner of 12
years Jose Ortiz are slated to give two
talks about Christianity and
homosexuality in Cheras, Malaysia and
Bangkok on Aug 13 and Aug 28
respectively. Reverend Steve Parelli of
the MCC (Metropolitan Community
Churches) in New York, who describes
himself as ex-ex-gay, says the news
should not come as a surprise to the
evangelical ex-gay supporters who
have read the books of the ex-gay
writers themselves; some of whom
including ex-gay leader Andrew
Comiskey who himself revealed that
he continues to "lust" after men even
after 20 years of marriage to a
woman. [For details, click onto the
Ex-Gay Ministries in their very own
(sorry) words' link below.]

Speaking with Fridae in Singapore
where he is on a Southeast Asian
speaking tour and meeting with
evangelical churches, Rev Parelli
highlighted that the evangelical ex-gay
movement in fact  "does not, in the
fine print, claim to change sexual

"To be clear, the evangelical ex-gay
movement uses catch words like
'ex-gay,' 'healing,' 'coming out of
homosexuality.' But it is a
bait-and-switch sell. Upon close
examination of what the evangelical
ex-gay movement teaches, any one
who will give a simple read of their
major writings will see that the
evangelical 'ex-gay' movement is
teaching 'behaviour modification' not
change of one's sexual orientation.
The evangelical 'ex-gay' leaders teach
in their writings that the 'change' they
are talking about is a life-long process
that involves multiple disciplines from
accountability to rigorous spiritual

"This is obviously not change," says
Rev Parelli who is the Executive
Director of Other Sheep, a worldwide
volunteer, non-profit ecumenical
Christian organisation with a mission
to empower sexual minorities.
Above Photo:  Singapore interview
with Fridae.com., Tuesday, August 6,
2009.  Photo taken following interview.
Steve Parelli                        
Sylvia Tan
Click here for the article as presented in

here for the article in print version.

here for the Other Sheep Exec Site link that Sylvia
Tan referred to in her article:  "
Ex-gay writers in their very
own (sorry) words."
Second Interview
Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz on
U-Tube, interview with reporters
Nicolas Deroose and Ian Lee of
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Left:  Nicholas Deroose, officer
and administrator,
Queercast.net, Singapore.
Right:  Ian Lee,
creator, Queercast.net,
Nicholas Deroose
Ian Lee
Steve Parelli, Other Sheep    Jose Ortiz, Other Sheep                Nicholas Deroose, Queercast           Ian Lee, Queercast
Meeting in an SMU (Singapore Management University) restaurant/cafe across from the
National Museum of Singapore,
Queercast interviewed Steve and Jose about the
mission and ministry of Other Sheep.  
The interview can be viewed in three parts on
YouTube by clinking the following links
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