From: A Participant (name withheld)
To: Stephen Parelli <>
Sent: Friday, July 17, 2009 9:25:02 AM
Subject: Reflection of the 5th July programme

Hi Steven,

The July 5th program [with 25 Christian pastors] was itself very
unique for the Nepali Christian community, that is, to discuss, as we
did, LGBTI issues.  Generally, many Christians here say that
homosexuality is a sin and a sign that Jesus is coming to earth
soon.   As for my experience in Nepal, pastors and clergy have
never discussed this topic before.  The July 5th seminar on "The
Bible and Homosexuality" is itself a milestone within the Nepali
church, especially the segment of the program in which gay
Christians spoke to the attendees, which made the clergy realize
that the people who belong to the LGBTI communities are the
creation of God and that God also loves them as He does other
human beings.

Many of the pastors who attended encouraged our friends from
Blue Diamond Society to come to their churches and to attend their
services.  Not only that, but some expressed a desire to ask their
churches to organize an awareness program for other believers.  
This is, no doubt, the dynamic result of Other Sheep's visit to Nepal.

Please pray that the message which Other Sheep introduced will
continue among the religious groups of Nepal.

And, don't forget that a translation of the book
The Children Are
Free: Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships

into Nepali is desperately needed.

Say "hello" to Jose.

May God be with you.

Name Withheld
Reflections on the July 5th Seminar
-- "The Bible and Homosexuality" --
which was attended by many of the Christian clergy of
Kathmandu, Nepal
by  Indira Ghale, Nepal Protection Desk
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NEPAL:  Reflections on the July 5th
Pastors' Seminar by Indira Ghale
July 17, 2009
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