Our 2009 Other Sheep Asia Trip
A week's vacation at a resort in Lumut,
August 14-21, 2009

Saturday evening, August 14, our resort
in Lumut, Malaysia

"I'm sitting in the lobby of our resort here
in Lumut, Malaysia.  We are vacationing for
a week after almost two months of working
Other Sheep in Nepal, Thailand, Singapore
and Malaysia.

Sure, we're on vacation, but the
opportunities to talk about our  work of
empowering LGBT people of faith is
unending.  By the mere question, "What do
you do?" we are off and running with people
from all over Malaysia - and other parts of
the world - about LGBT concerns.

We are about to retire for only our second
night and we've spoken with at least four
different parties on what we do.

Presently, as I type this in the lobby of our
resort, Jose is talking with two Muslims on
God and homosexuality.  For myself, I've
just had a remarkable conversation with a
Muslim who concluded by asking how he would
find Muslims who are pro-LGBT.  I had given
him three examples of personal stories I
know about gay Muslims.  He was obviously
interested.  We left it that he would email
for further information."

Jose leading in the
song "YMCA" -- "just
go there!

August 14, 2009
Lumut, Malaysia
In this pool,  above, we spent part of an
afternoon playing water soccer with a
group of Muslim men.  Later that
evening we talked with them about
LGBT concerns.

Another party, Dominicans, opened
their home to us if ever we travel to
Kuala Lumpur in the future.

Below, Jose leading in a song -- we
gave them each our Other Sheep
business card.

At left, our room where the "office" work
for Other Sheep continued.
Photo at left:  This front dusk supervisor
helped us with every hotel need we had.  She
knew we were a gay couple and she openly
identified with us.  She was very happy to
have her picture with Jose placed on our
A disclaimer:  The cost for accomadations
at this resort  was not paid for with any
monies from Other Sheep.
Photo at left:
On Pangkor Island, near the
Teluk Coral area, we found a
private little sandy beach cut off
from the main shoreline by
these huge boulders.  The
place was so hidden one could
swim "au natural."  Of course,
we're not saying.  
Pangkor Island. August 16, 2009
Above photo:
resort on the mainland to snorkel
at a tiny island off Pangkor Island
where we snorkeled  After
snorkeling, the boat took us to a
beach for a swim, then toured the
full circumference of the Island
before returning to our resort.
Lumut, Malaysia.  August 17, 2009
The view of Pangkor
Island from the lobby
of the resort
The view of Pangkor Island from our room:  Early morning.
Lumut, Malaysia. August 2009.
Jose Ortiz in the pool at our resort.
A view  from our room porch of the sun setting.
In the wee morning hours of August 18,
2009, just before dawn but still very dark, we
walked on the beach to view the stars.  
Unexpectedly, while walking along and
looking skyward, we noticed the crescent
moon above the eastern horizon as it came
slightly into our view from between the palm
leaves.  It had a predawn morning star above
it.  We sat on a beached log situated where
there was an opening in the "jungle" growth
so that we had an unobstructed view. We sat
there and talked about things as we
marveled at our dramatic theatrical sky, the
moon and star captivating our imagination.  
Jose Ortiz at "our private" beach
Pangkor Island, Malaysia. August 16, 2009
Jose Ortiz, on the
boat towards
Pangkor Island.  
August 17, 2009
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