"Ex-gay"  Exposed, A Seminar with Good Samaritan-MCC, Malaysia.  Kuala Lumpur, August 13, 2009
Our 2009 Other Sheep Asia Trip
"Ex-gay" seminar with GS-MCCM
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 13, 2009
Jose Ortiz,
Other Sheep
Pastor Joe, Pastor of
Good Samaritan MCC
Good Samaritan MCC
Jose Ortiz (above)
and Pastor Joe (right)
of Good Samaritan
MCC, speak with
attendees following
the presentation
CLICK HERE to view the Powerpoint
presented to Good Samaritan MCC,
Malaysia, August 13, 2009, on the
"Ex-gay" movement
Outline of Powerpoint Presentation:

“Two gay Christian ministers analyze how
the Christian faith does not Change one’s
Sexual Orientation”

Introduction to Other Sheep
  • What is Other Sheep?
  • What does Other Sheep do?
  • How does Other Sheep work?
  • Rev. Dr. Thomas Hanks,Author, Founder

The Presentation Proper:  An evaluation of "Ex-gay"

Steve's involvement with "recovery"

In his mid-forties, as a non-practicing homosexual Baptist
minister, Steve, seeking help, involved himself in:

  • “ex-gay” evangelical self-help groups (like Exodus
  • personal therapy with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH
  • men’s group called New Warriors
  • extensive reading and research on evangelical “ex-
    gay” teachings
  • continued his spiritual disciplines (which he had
    practiced for 30 years prior to this point in time)

Jose's involvement with "recovery"

In his late twenties, as a homosexual Christian lay leader,
Jose, seeking help, involved himself in:

  • “ex-gay” religious self-help groups (like Exodus
    International and Courage)
  • 12 step recovery groups for sexual addiction
  • reading and research on compulsive sexual behavior
  • continued his spiritual disciplines (which he had
    practiced for 18 years prior to this point in time)

What follows is Steve’s paper  on his personal evaluation of
the evangelical “ex-gay” movement as he and Jose have
experienced it and have come to understand it.  In all, eight
observations are made.   

The paper can be found on Other Sheep website; title:  “
There Really Such A Thing As ‘Ex-Gay’

[The following eight points are further developed in the
Powerpoint presentation]

First, the ex-gay movement's origin is rooted in traditional
cultural norms rather than good Bible exegesis and the
social sciences.

Second, their use of psychology is selective and appears
overly dominant for a religious movement that otherwise
rejects most of modern psychology's findings on

Third, while the movement promises "change" and "healing"
on the surface, its leaders readily admit that these changes
are external and behavioral only.

Fourth, the movement maintains a strong stereotypical
male/female view of gender roles and sees the cause of
homosexuality, in part, as the individual's failure to embrace
his or her gender.

Fifth, honesty from group members is often the missing
factor in the dynamics of “ex-gay” meetings.

Sixth, the evangelical ex-gay movement makes claims of
success that go unsubstantiated

Seventh, a "realignment of the will“ and the regulation of
prayer, Bible reading, church attendance, accountability and
more are all essential tasks to be observed religiously in
the  unending process of overcoming.

Eighth, the ex-gay movement views non-sexual close male
relationships as essential for "healing."
The Conclusion as Presented in the
Malaysia Powerpoint

  • I've not read one ex-gay testimony
    where the so-called ex-gay male refers
    to sex with women with the same
    exciting and earth-shattering, sexy-hot
    terminology that he had used when
    speaking of his same-sex attractions
    prior to his "conversion." That should
    say it all as far as any real "change"

  • It is one's sexual orientation that
    determines the focus and flow of sex
    attraction, not anything else.    And
    whatever I may attempt, and however
    long I may persist, it is my conclusion
    that my sexual orientation is not going
    to change. I am exclusively homosexual;
    that's my sexual orientation.

  • The evangelical ex-gay movement is a
    reactionary, religious counter-culture
    movement that began in the early
    1970s (Love In Action, 1973). The
    movement, blinded by its cultural
    biases, has failed to examine its
    religious, theological and traditional
    presuppositions, and therefore has also
    failed to seriously consider the on-
    going findings of the social sciences on
While traveling in Southeast Asia 2009,  Steve and Jose saw, read or heard of the "ex-gay" message being
promoted in Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
For the complete paper (with
 Is There Really Such a
Thing as "Ex-gay"
The room was filled to capacity - around 35 people
This web page, begun at some point in Southeast Asia,  
was completed in the Bronx, NY, September 11-14, 2009.
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Excerpt from Steve's blog titled:

The Lady from Kuala Lumpur
and the "Crying" Twin Towers

Our second and final train took us
under the city. It was then that my
thoughts and feelings transported me
to another time when I was under that
other city and on my way to another
set of Twin Towers. It was 9-11 and I
was making my way from Jackson
Heights, Queens, to Rockefeller
Center where I worked for a law firm
as a paralegal. It was a large law firm
that held 13 floors of Rockefeller
Center. I worked in an area of the
building that had a direct view of both
Towers. Daily I took in the view with a
sense of awe, inspiration and pure
delight. On this day -- 9-11 -- I was
struck with horror and disbelief like all
New Yorkers as I looked out upon the
burning towers upon my arrival to
work around 9:30am.

Now -- here in Kuala Lumpur -- I was
under the city approaching the Twin
Towers. Different feelings came to the
surface. One feeling in particular I had
to wilfully dismiss.

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photo by Steve Parelli
Twin Towers, Kuala
Lumpur, August 13, 2009
Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur,
August 13, 2009
Our 2009
Southeast Asia Trip
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