Above:   Flyers printed up for distribution.

Above Left:  Steve and Jose in the local
Acapulco newspaper announcing coming gay

Left:  TV News Reporters.

Below:  Rev. Alfonso Leija and Jose and
Steve broadcasted over Acapulco TV news
Go to other news articles featuring Steve and
Jose in Mexico (articles in Spanish and English).
Go to Cuernavaca, Mexico, where Steve and
Jose, prior to this event with Rev. Leija, work with
him on a
Panel and in a Gay Parade.
Above.  Igor Pettit, who owns and
publishes a political magazine, presents us
with a delicious dish which he has prepared
at his eatery where we dined.
Above: Acapulco

Pie de la
Cuesta,"known for
truely magnificent
Let's Go Mexico
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Jose at the Airport.  We arrived at the airport
before sunrise for our early departure flight.    Here,
in the dark, waiting for the airport doors to be
opened, we are awed at the
myriad exotic bird
we hear.
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  • Contact two TV networks,
    one by phone, one in
  • Contact two newspapers,
    both in person.
  • Invest time and interest in
    a gay advocate and
  • Create and print flyers.
  • Distribute flyers in person,
    one-to-one, in the Zocalo
    where people gather.
  • Distribute flyers in person,
    one-to-one, at gay club
  • Rally in public with Rev.
    Alfonso Leija at the
    announcement of the
    coming church for gays
    before TV and radio news
Above:  Rev. Alfonso Leija (left) with his associate and
Jose (right).
Right:  Rev. Alfonso Leija (left) speaking with two radio
news reporters.
Below:   Our host (right) with Rev. Leija (center) and his
associate (left).
The famous
divers' cliff of
Igor Pettit
Acapulco Bay
Jose in the pool
at the beach
front Capri
Tenth floor balcony,
Capri Condos
Col. Progreso, Acapulco
Our "home base."
Col. Progreso, Acapulco
Our new view from the Capri Condos
With the help and support
of John and Pepe and
Jaime and Paco here's
what happened:

"Now, that's
a great
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