Martinique  – 9 Days (8 Nights)
Friday, July 27 – Saturday, August 11


  • To “put-a-face” on being gay and Christian by distributing Steve’s “ex-gay” paper to
    churches in Martinique (and Ralph Blair’s paper on the Bible and homosexuality),
    especially to evangelical churches, where Steve once lived with American missionaries
    for four months in 1970, and from where Franz, an 18 year old from Martinique, came
    with Steve to the States to live with Steve’s family from Dec. 1970 to June 1971.
  • To get the Other Sheep message out via all three media – TV, radio, and newspaper,
    if possible

  • Franz Michael, Steve’s friend of 1970 who was part of the Robert church youth group,
    met with us on five different occasions (his wife joining him three times), and phoned us
    repeatedly throughout our stay, accepting us personally as gay and Christian without
    either condemning us or approving us religious-wise, yet defending us to others who
    judged us
  • Victor and his wife, a chance meeting who provided much for us (see highlight above
    under St. Lucia)
  • Delivering by hand 35 sets of papers to 35 different churches in 26 different towns
    throughout the island; this included 13 evangelical Baptist churches; 13 non-
    denominational evangelical churches; 1 evangelical Pentecostal church; 4 Seventh
    Day Adventist churches, and 4 Roman Catholic churches
  • Media Coverage:  One pre-recorded TV interview which was aired two consecutive
    evenings while we were still in Martinique; one pre-recorded radio interview which was
    aired while we were still in Martinique; and one newspaper interview which was
    published on September 22
  • Our meeting with Fred Cronard and Mirla Pascal of the LGBT AIDS center; Fred gave
    us our media contacts and permission to use his name when contacting the media
  • For Steve, a personal joy – his first return to Martinique since 1970; for Jose and Steve
    – the beautiful home (with a huge open porch to a view of the sea) at no charge for
    nine nights and ten days that Jose found on Couch Surfing

Calendar of Activities (A numbered item indicates a substantial Other Sheep activity)

Friday – Thursday, July 27 – August 2
Major Activities Prior to Receiving Copies of Our Printed Materials
(Printed materials were received at 2PM on August 2)

  • Friday, July 27 – First Day
  • Arrive in Martinique by ferry; rent car; check in to La Pagerie Hotel on Point du
  • Saturday, July 28 – Second Day
  • Drive to the town of Robert (where Steve lived for four months in 1970), visit in
    the home of (1) Frere Michael with (2) Franz Michael (who travelled with Steve to
    the States and lived with him there from Dec. 1970 – June 1971); visit briefly with
    (3) neighboring family (also of the Robert church since 1966); visit in the (4)
    home of Gabrial (who was house maid in the Robert missionary home in 1970)
    and her husband
  • Sunday, July 29 – Third Day
  • (5) Attend the Evangelical Baptist Church of the town of Vauclin (where Steve
    spent a week in 1970)
  • Monday, July 30 – Fourth Day
  • Create resource web page for in French for Martinique
  • Ferry to Fort-de-France and visit with  (6) Fred Cronard and (7) Mirla Pascal of
    the LGBT AIDS prevention center; Fred and Mirla give us contacts with the media
  • Dine with Vincent, his wife and Franz Michael
  • Tuesday, July 31 – Fifth Day
  • Jose works on Other Sheep emails while Steve packs; check out of hotel; move
    to “Bungalow” hotel (less expensive, small attic room, but very attractive)
  • Wednesday, Aug 1 – Sixth Day
  • Jose works on letter in French to email to area pastors; Steve compiles email
    addresses from church directories
  • Thursday, Aug 2 – Seventh Day
  • Jose continues work on letter in French for area pastors; Steve compiles email
    addresses from church directories
  • Check out of “Bungalow” hotel; move into Etienne’s home in Schoelcher (who
    swaps his home for our Bronx home; we will stay here for remainder of stay in
  • At 2 PM, meet Victor and pick-up 50 copies of two documents each for
    distribution:  Steve’s “Ex-gay” paper and Ralph Blairr’s paper on Bible and

Thursday – Saturday, August 2 – 11
Major Activities Subsequent to Receiving Copies of Our Printed Materials
(Printed materials were received at 2PM on August 2)

  • Thursday, Aug 2 – Eighth Day
  • (6) Interview with newspaper journalist at 3:30PM, lasts for 1 and ½ hour; article
    comes out in paper on September 22
  • Deliver a set of papers (two documents) to Evangelical Baptist Church in Robert
    where two men are working on the church and two sets to Franz in his home in
    Le Lamentin where we spend some time visiting with him and (7) his wife
  • Friday, Aug 3 – Ninth Day
  • (8)  Steve sends separate individual emails to pastors
  • We take Etienne to airport for flight to NYC; a copy of TCAF to yesterday’s
  • Attend media party in the evening where we meet (9 and 10) two TV reports and
    give each a set of the two papers (note: it will not be these reporters who contact
    us, but the TV reporter that Fred put us in contact with)
  • Saturday - Thursday, Aug 4 - 9 – Tenth - Fifteenth Day
  • In addition to the Robert Baptist Church above (Aug  2), we delivered by hand a
    set of papers to the following churches (each set of papers is a different church)
  • Saturday – Three sets of papers in two towns
  • Sunday – Eight sets of papers in five towns
  • Monday – Six sets of papers in four towns
  • Tuesday – Three sets of papers in three towns
  • Wednesday – Four sets of papers in two towns
  • Thursday – Ten sets of papers in nine towns
  • In addition to the two sets of papers given to Franz (Aug 2, on set for his father),
    the two sets to two TV reports each at the Fri media party (Aug 3), and the one
    set left for (12) Etienne (at his request, our host), we delivered by hand a set of
    papers to the following individuals
  • Sunday – One set of papers to the TV reporters who interviewed us
  • Monday – The radio reporter who interviewed us
  • Saturday - Thursday, Aug 4 - 9 – Tenth - Fifteenth Day
    Other activities (in addition to distribution of papers)
  • Saturday – Contact (13) Nazarene pastor by phone for potential meeting (which
    did not materialize); Jose phones TV station which grants us interview for next
    day; Franz’s home for evening meal (leave his home around midnight)
  • Sunday – (14) TV Interview with ATV, meet in Fort de France, film there and at
    another town; Franz meets up with us on our way to distribute papers; Watch
    ATV broadcast our interview in the evening; Franz phones to tell us (15) what
    others in the evangelical church who know me or know of me are saying
  • Monday – Lady from Case Pilot speaks to us having seen us on TV;  (16) do
    radio interview in Fort-de-France; TV interview is aired for second night
  • Wednesday – Evening, have Franz and Fabien (his wife) and Victor and his wife
    to our home for dinner
  • Thursday – Museum director in Saint Pierre tells us how she heard us on the
    radio; pastor phones us after hearing us on radio to berate us; hotel/restaurant
    manager engages us in conversation about our TV interview; other general
    public engage us in conversation
  • Friday, Aug. 10 – Sixteenth Day
  • Relax and enjoy the house and local beach
  • Saturday, Aug. 11 – Seventeenth Day
  • Close up the house (for possible hurricane); return rent-a-car where we meet
    Victor and his wife and Franz; Franz takes us to ferry for St. Lucia
Other Sheep 2012 Summer Ministries Report
A Report on the Travels of Rev. Stephen Parelli and Mr. Jose Ortiz
from June 29 – September 3, 2012
in the countries of
Uganda, Rwanda, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Martinique, St. Lucia and Guatemala
A report written by Stephen Parelli on Nov. 8 and 9, 2012, compiled from his travel journals,
for the Other Sheep Nov. 10, 2012 Annual Business Meeting, meeting in St. Louis, MO
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