Other Sheep
participates in the program of the
25th Anniversary Convocation of the
Reconciling Ministries Network
Estes Park, Colorado, Thursday-Monday,
September 3 - 7, 2009
Saturday Workshop:  "Creating Communities of
Listeners in Different Regions of the World"
Sunday Plenary Session:  
"Global Connections"
Panelists from Sunday's Plenary Session on "Global Connections," left to

  • Rev. Aracelli Ezzatti, Uruguay, Methodist credentialed MCC pastor; recently served as
    interim pastor for Central Methodist church in Montevideo where she was asked to
    resign because of her advocacy for LGBT people.
  • Bishop Daniel Archea, Philippines, retired UM Bishop; served on the previous UMC
    World Wide Church task group and advocate for autonomy of national churches;
    parent of an LGBT child
  • Rev. Steve Parelli, United States, Other Sheep Executive Director, former Baptist
    minister, ordained MCC clergy; traveled in Mexico, South America, East Africa and
    Southeast Asia for the ministry of Other Sheep
  • Rev. Dr. Eunice Musa Iliya, Nigeria, Director of the Directorate of Evangelism and
    Stewardship of the UMC in Nigeria; delegate from Nigeria to the 2008 UMC General
    Conference and was the lone delegate from the Central Conferences in Africa to
    stand in solidarity with LGBT persons at the demonstration against the UMC's
    discriminatory policies at General Conference.
  • Rev. Kapya Kaoma, Zambia, ordained Anglican priest; extensive work in social justice
    issues including ecological ethics, women's reproductive rights, and HIV/AIDS issues;
    Project Director for Political Research Associates; recently completed an assessment
    of Conservative Christian campaigns in Africa regarding LGBT people.
Photo taken following Plenary Session
Aracelli Ezzatti        Daniel Archea               Steve Parelli             Eunice Iliya       Kapya Kaoma
photos by  jose ortiz
Rev. Aracelli Ezzatti
Rev. Kapya Kaoma
Bishop Daniel Archea
Rev/ Dr. Eunice Iliya
Rev. Steve Parelli,
Plenary Session
Panelist on "Global
Jose Ortiz, left, and Steve Parelli, right, with
Rev. Aracelli Ezzatti of Uruguay.  
In 2006,
Steve and Jose were with Rev. Ezzatti in
Montevideo, Uruguay, where they gave a
seminar on exposing the "ex-gay" movement.
Convocation Theme
following lunch
Jose Ortiz                        Bishop Daniel Arichea
Rev. Steve Parelli moderated the
panel discussion workshop.

Panelists, left to right in above photo:  
Rev. Dr. Eunice Musa Iliya, Nestor
Santiago Gerente, Jose Ortiz.
Above photo:  Rev. Dr. Eunice Musa Iliya tells her story, how she created
(both directly and indirectly) a "community of listeners" in Nigeria and
"thereby establishing the beginnings of a new gay-aware culture."
Rev. Dr. Eunice Musa Iliya
Eunice Iliya            Nestor Gerente         Jose Ortiz
Sunday Afternoon Affinity Group:  "PowerPoint Presentation
on Other Sheep Southeast Asia 2009 Ministry"
The Convocation "encouraged kindred minds to come together" and,
therefore, gave individuals the opportunity "to convene a group of interest to
you."  Mark Bowman, right in photo at left, made the suggestion to Jose and
Steve to convene a group to present the Other Sheep trip to Nepal, Thailand,
Singapore and Malaysia from June26-August 30, 2009.

In the "Tree Line," the convocation daily publication of events and notices, the
Sunday issue published:  "
Southeast Asia.  Steve & Jose, during the
Summer of 2009, made a ground-breaking trip to Southeast Asia for Other
Sheep, conducting seminars and connecting people.  See a PowerPoint
presentation on this trip and discuss possibilities for future outreach and
collaboration in Asia.  Meets at 3:15pm in Conference Hall A."
Jose Ortiz                              

                               Mark Bowman
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View of the Rockies from The YMCA of the Rockies where the Convocation was held.
View of the Rockies from The YMCA of the Rockies where the Convocation was held.